Screens are used in inlet structure of treatment plant for increasing efficiency of treatment process and preventing of pumps and mechanical equipment used in treatment plant from damages.

Pollutant loads incoming to treatment plants reduce by properly choosed and operated screens. Topographical structure and hydraulic calculations are curicial in choosing of screens.

Different types of screens such as linear screen, drum screen and basket screen can be designed and manufactured as manual or mechanical according to project needs.


Scrapers are used for removal of settled and floated pollutants from the system in the units that are operated based of settling and flotation principle in treatment plants. Screens that are used in grit chamber, primary sedimentation, secondary sedimentation, oil separators, DAF, chemical precipitation and sludge thickening units are designed as longitudinal and rotating.

Rotating Scrapers

Equipments that are develop for scraping the sludge that settled and collecting the sludge at a point in sedimentation and sludge thickening units. In rotating scrapers, scraper bridge and bottom pallets convey sludge to sludge cone in center of the tank.

Longitudinal Scrapers

Equipments that are used for scrape the settled sludge to the sludge collecting structure and floating matter to the scum box. Scraping bridge walks on the side walls of the tank with or without rails and moves at a suitable speed. It can be devided into 2 types as pallet and suction structured according to scraping type.