Ultrafiltration Systems

Ultrafiltration systems can be used to treat surface water. Besides that UF modules are used for treatment of biological and chemical treatment effluent in RO system as pre-filtration. Suspended solid, mocromolecules, bacteria and viruses totally removed by 0,01 micron pore sized membranes that are used in UF systems. Pre-filtration or flotation is required treatment of waters that have high suspended solid concentration with UF system. Additionally UF system highly used as pre-filtration in treatment of sea water with RO systems. UF systems are very important for water recovery processes.

• Effluent TSS concentration is below 2 mg/L.
• Particular organic matter is removed.
• Maintenance cost is low.
• Easily installed compact systems.
• High effluent quality.
• Disinfection of effluent is not needed.